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“The most comprehensive pack I’ve purchased”. C Nedich. Students love these engaging activities. Distance learning version included so you’re all set whether you have face to face classes or have to teach remotely. Easy to follow and fun to use and teach with. You don’t have to add anything. This comprehensive Middle School NGSS packet on Atoms and Molecules aligns perfectly with the NGSS Middle School MS-PS1-1 standard. A visually interactive 60 slide powerpoint covers the main concepts in the standard “develop models to describe the atomic composition of simple molecules and extended structures“. The structure of atoms and molecules is covered as well as extended repeating structures such as NaCl and graphene. Over 40 pages of student activities, questions and notes complete and compliment this engaging resource.

Each part of this resource is google classroom enabled. Just send the link to your students and you’re all set.


❤️ “The most comprehensive pack I’ve purchased”. C Nedich

❤️ “One of the best resources I have purchased this year”. MsValG

❤️ “Students loved it. It made my life so much easier”. Sharon M.

❤️ “Awesome! It covered all parts of the standard. I couldn’t have done a better job myself.” Toria D.

❤️ “This was my first time teaching this material and this resource was VERY comprehensive. Thank you!” Katrina D.


Topics covered:

⭐ Atomic Timeline

⭐ Structure of the Atom

⭐ Molecules (same, different atoms)

⭐ Elements and Compounds

⭐ Repeating Subunits – Carbon, NaCl

⭐ Solids, Liquids, Gases

⭐ Change on State – Increase in Energy

⭐ Change of State – Decrease in Energy

⭐ 2 Science Reading Articles and the Atomic Timeline and Mendeleev (these make excellent sub plans)

⭐ Atoms and Molecules Activities including Make a Molecule/Draw a Molecule

⭐ Warm-ups/Bell-ringers/Homework

⭐ Changes of State Comics which are perfect for an INB.