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This Interactive Read Aloud RETELL Kit is designed to provide a rich and engaging reading experience for your young readers. Not only will it help students meet various core standards, but students will have the opportunity to deepen their understanding of the story and develop their analytical skills – all while ensuring that they are fully engaged with the text! To round out your lesson plan students will complete a meaningful, fun, hands-on sequencing craftivity.

Featuring: Mindful Mr. Sloth by Katy Hudson: ” About a young girl named Sasha who is always rushing through life, until she learns a lesson or two from her new friend, Mr. Sloth.”




Each kit includes A 5-DAY LESSON PLAN with challenging (text-dependent) worksheets that are differentiated to meet students learning needs.

Included in this resource is an optional lesson outline featuring

5 days of lesson planning:

Day 1: Pre-Lesson:

  • vocabulary
  • making predictions
  • activate prior knowledge

Day 2: Story Elements

  • anchor chart
  • BME
  • verbal RETELL, whole group pocket chart story map
  • sequencing craft

Day 3: Character Traits (inside and outside)

  • character analysis
  • venn diagram

Day 4: Making Connections

  • connections to text
  • inferences
  • visualizations
  • problem / solution
  • cause / effect

Day 5: Authors Purpose

  • theme
  • message

What’s Inside?

  • 5 day lesson plan outline
  • general comprehension questions
  • visual supports (5 finger retell, story retell chart, BME, character traits (inside and out), authors purpose, making connections, theme, and questions a reader should ask as they read.)
  • vocabulary cards – 4 words from the text with pictures and child friendly definitions
  • vocabulary worksheets (differentiated)
  • printable anchor chart
  • pocket chart story map
  • mini story map poster
  • pocket chart retell
  • student worksheets: mapping, BME, character traits, connections, and analysis, cause and effect, problem/ solution, visualizing, inferences, venn diagram, main idea, author’s message and purpose, and theme.
  • sequencing craft
  • optional writing pages with sentence starters
  • *some resources include a bonus: become the illustrator guided drawing.