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When we teach mindfulness to children, we are equipping them with the tools to help manage stress and approach life’s challenges.


Mindfulness can help to shape key critical skills that are developed in early childhood. These include the ability for children with attention to task and retain information, shift between tasks and displaying appropriate behaviours. These abilities are known as executive functions and they are essential for more advanced tasks like planning, reasoning, problem-solving and developing social relationships.


So why not give our children the best head start by teaching them all about mindfulness and how they can practice mindfulness and gain the benefits. This “Mindfulness Portfolio” includes everything that your students will need to get started on their mindfulness journey.

This portfolio is divided into six individual lessons. You can choose to use each lesson in isolation or scaffold through the lessons one by one. The six lessons include:


1.What is Mindfulness?

– What is Mindfulness?

– Questions about Mindfulness Worksheet

– STOP Poster

– Brainstorm Worksheet


2.Mindful Moments

– What are mindful moments?

– Mindful Mindset Questions

– SPOTLIGHT on today

– Put it on Paper Worksheet


3.Exploring Feelings

– Your feelings in this moment…

– Feelings Pie Chart Activity

– Colour Your Emotions Worksheet

– Feelings & Emotion Cards


4.Mindful Senses

– Mind and Body Connection

– Body Scan

– Mindfulness & Me Questionnaire

– 5-4-3-2-1 Mindful Senses

– 5-4-3-2-1 Mindful Worksheet


5.Mindful Breathing

– What is Mindful Breathing

– Smelling the Flowers

– Tracing your hand with your breath

– Balloon Breathing

– Blowing Candles

– Chasing Rainbows

– Hot Chocolate Breathing


6.Craft Activity – Gratitude Tea

– What is Gratitude?

– Why is Gratitude Important

– 3 Steps to being grateful

– Create your own Gratitude Tea Craft Templates