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Item description

This assessment can be utilized to identify a baseline for individuals around their knowledge of money. This assessment explores an individual’s ability to identify coins and notes, explores value, the ability to count money and budget. This assessment is divided into seven specific areas and each area can be used in isolation to each other, or together to form a comprehensive assessment.

These areas include:

1. Basic Numeracy Skills

2.Written amounts

3.Colour recognition and value

4.Coin and note recognition

5.Budgeting assessment

6.Monetary values



It is ideal that all sections are completed to give a general picture of the level of skills the Student currently has. The assessor needs to complete the scores in each section as well as placing a comment next to the score. It is important that the assessor provides a comment so that all relevant material can be extracted, and the most appropriate program be designed for each Student.


SCORING – the assessor is to place a number score into the column next to the question. The scores go from 1 – 3 depending on the skill of the Student.

1. Completed independently – i.e., no assistance at all from the assessor, (no verbal or gestural prompts).

2. Completed with assistance – i.e., assessor may need to verbally prompt or point to correct response.

3. Can not do – even with prompts the Student is unable to complete correct response.

From the baseline a money recognition / budget program can be developed to meet the individual needs of each Student.

EQUIPMENT NEEDED – The assessor will need to have the following equipment available prior to commencing the assessment:

• Money in the form of coins and notes up to the value of $100.00. Should you not have the physical money, this resource includes the options to print a paper copy of the coins/notes which will suffice.

• A printed copy of this assessment and associated worksheets.

NOTE: This assessment is designed for Australian audiences as it uses Australian money.