Item description

Monster Coloring Book for Kids: Filled to the Brim with Awesome Monster Images for Kids to Color

Are you looking for an exciting coloring experience? Are you tired of always coloring the same old images? Are you looking to have a fun time like never before? Well, look no further!

Our brand new ‘Monster Coloring Book for Kids’ has been expertly created to provide children and adults with an amazing coloring experience which is filled with crazy monsters!

Could you tell me more about the interior of this book?

  • This book features a total of 51 pages
  • Each page is printed on high-quality white paper to ensure the best user experience
  • Each page has been expertly created and thoroughly checked for errors
  • Inside you will find 24 awesome monster images to color, they are fun and unique and are sure to provide hours of fun coloring!
  • All this is encased in a unique cover design and an 8.5″ x 11″ size, large-scale

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