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The Clock of Eras is a graphic aid used by Montessori to help us visualize geologic time by relating it to a clock. The pre-requisite for this presentation is that children can read the time on an analog clock.

No previous Montessori skills, training, or resources required!

Using the clock, we can see at a glance the relative time lengths of each major geologic era.

Each hour represents approximately 375 million years.

Each eon or era has a particular colour, and relevant ones correspond to the colours on the Time Line of Life

→Black indicates the absence of knowledge

→Yellow for the dawning of life

→Blue for the life forms developed in water

→Brown for life forms arriving on land

→Green for the explosion of vegetation and life

→Red for something new (Humans)

This material is suitable for any classroom, homeschool, or educational environment – you do not have to be a Montessori teacher. Save yourself HOURS of work.

✂️Cut out the diagram and the arrow labels to add visual interest while telling the story.✂️