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This versatile game can be used as a board game (as intended) or components of the game can be used for memory games, matching games, sorting games, etc.


This material is suitable for any classroom, homeschool, or educational environment – you do not have to be a Montessori teacher. Save yourself HOURS of work.


This is an incredibly fun and playful cooperative game for any number of players, using the Montessori Grammar symbols for the 9 basic parts of speech:

  • noun
  • adjective
  • article
  • verb
  • adverb
  • preposition
  • pronoun
  • conjunction
  • interjection

Direct Aim:

  • To create sentences using the grammar symbols and cards while having fun. The sentences are nonsensical but grammatically correct.
  • To help the child internalize the function of each part of speech.
  • To instill a love of grammar and language in children.

Indirect Aim:

  • To provide ideas for creative writing for children.
  • To strike imagination in the child for creative writing.

The game includes:

  • Parts of Speech Flow Chart
  • Parts of Speech Control Chart
  • 8 different sentence templates
  • Printable grammar symbols**
  • 120 word cards
  • Blank word cards
  • Printable box templates*** for grammar symbols
  • Instructions including direct and indirect aims