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Montessori’s fifth great lesson is known as The Story of Mathematics, The Story of Numbers and/or The Story of Numerals. The story begins with the Stone Age system of body-counting and continues on to the decimal number system we use today all over the world and includes the contributions of Africa, Asia, Europe, and North America to our currently used decimal number system.


This resource includes:

  • Detailed instructions for presentation, including Bird’s Eye View of the entire timeline (14 pages)
  • 70 picture and story cards with text for the presentation of the story (70 pages)
  • 23 high-quality professionally recorded audio tracks with music corresponding to the time and place and narration to accompany the story (optional)
  • 23 high-quality professionally recorded audio tracks (music corresponding to the time and place only – no narration) to accompany the story (optional)


The Story of Mathematics can be told repeatedly to children from the age of six all the way through to age 12. Every re-telling of the story leads to new insights. The fifth great lesson prepares the child for further work in mathematics – specifically in the study of:

  • Math from basic addition to cubing and algebra (operations, fractions, decimals, multiples, squares, cubes, percentages, ratio, probability, intro to algebra)
  • The Development of Number (origins of numbers and number systems, bases, and etymology)
  • Concepts of Geometry (congruency, similarity, nomenclature of lines, angles, shapes, solids, measurement, Euclidean theorems and Pythagorean triples)
  • Exploration and independent study using the 3-part cards and 4-part card materials.

The information cards can be used for the child to see the progression through the story and for further work in writing and research. They are color-coded to match the continent that they are connected to – Roman Numerals are outlined in red, for example.

The Story of Mathematics is ideally given at the beginning of each school year and gives children insight and context to their study of mathematics.

This resource was created for you by an AMS-trained Montessorian and mom of four with love and care. I hope you enjoy this resource and welcome any feedback.

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