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One way to use these Moon Bubbleheads is to allow kids to use their creativity to create unique characters. They just choose a phase of the moon, make up a unique name for it, place the head on the pop-up tabs and watch the Bubblehead bob up and down and all around! The creative stories to come will be MOONTASTIC!


Students choose one of the astronauts to research and then read and research that person. There is a notes page to help kids keep track of the information they learn as well. After the research is done, students can draw and color then place the head on the pop-up tabs and watch the Bubblehead bob up and down and all around! This is such a fun way to create a presentation for students.

What’s inside: (See Preview File & Video!)

  • Teacher instruction sheet – sample lesson plan
  • 8 Bubblehead moon phases
  • 15 background pages (with and without pre-made images)
  • 4 Bubblehead astronauts-Mae Jemison, Neil Armstrong, Sally Ride, & John Glenn
  • 2 Bubblehead background pages (with and without a moon image)
  • Instructions to help with the construction of the Bubbleheads
  • a moon creative writing page
  • 2 Notes pages for students to record information as they read
  • 2 Writing pages for students’ final report

Ways to use in the classroom:

  • As a fun craft activity to use after learning about the phases of the moon
  • To support other skills such as writing, following directions, and coloring/cutting.

See what others are saying about Bubbleheads.

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️Jennifer M. said:

We just finished a biography unit, in which we focused on African Americans, in honor of Black History Month. My students loved researching and creating these bubbleheads. I haven’t seen a cuter finished product in a long time.

Thanks so much!

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️Kristyn G. said:

HOW MUCH FUN IS THIS RESOURCE? Adorably fun and my students love using it. They can organize their thoughts and ideas and have such a fabulously fun project to show for it at the end!


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