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Moral and Ethical Dilemmas SCENARIOS 


☆ 207 pages

☆ Features 68 Moral and Ethical Dilemma Scenarios

☆ 136 Scenario Worksheets (68 WITH Q’s, 68 WITHOUT Q’s)

☆ Print and Digital (PDF and Google Slides – Text boxes already created!)

☆ Excellent for 8th graders – High School Students

☆ 2 Google Slide Links


This resource includes the following items:

☆ 68 Rainbow Scenario Task Cards WITH and WITHOUT Questions

☆ 68 B&W Scenario Task Cards WITH and WITHOUT Questions

☆ 68 Scenario Worksheets WITH Questions

☆ 68 Scenario Worksheets WITHOUT Questions (You generate your own questions!)

☆ List of 68 Scenarios  (Easy access for teachers / 6.5 pages)

☆ 2 Google Slide Links (for Scenario Worksheets WITH and WITHOUT Questions)



***This resource is also included in Google Slides! Text boxes have already been created to make it easier for you and your students! Each slide includes two instruction solution tabs to assist students who accidentally delete text boxes and/or when they want to zoom in (to enlarge worksheets). It’s super helpful for students who are not that familiar with how to use Google Slides or need the extra assistance.



Throughout your students’ education and lives, they will indeed grapple with many choices that test their personal values, beliefs and priorities. They will encounter all kinds of situations where they must choose between doing what’s right and doing what’s wrong. This resource features 68 Moral and Ethical Dilemma Scenarios that they can relate to. These scenarios can help students recognize situations that involve moral and ethical issues and practice becoming better decision-makers. These scenarios also provide students the opportunity to discuss what they would do in different moral/ethical dilemmas/situations. Introducing ethical/moral dilemmas in the classroom can open up opportunities not only for debate and critical thinking, but also for personal growth, empathy for other viewpoints, and self-reflection.


The scenarios provide guidance for real-life situations. You can use these scenarios as a basis for engaging students in conversations about making decisions between right and wrong, and even have them role-play ways of resolving moral and ethical issues. These scenarios can also help students acknowledge why certain choices might be tempting and ultimately think about other courses of actions and responses that might be better (or that will lead to more positive outcomes).


This resource includes both print and digital versions (with text boxes already created)! You can assign activities to students in person or remotely – either way works!






This resource includes 68 Moral and Ethical Dilemma Scenario Task Cards with and without questions (in colors Rainbow and B&W). The Task Cards include highly relevant scenarios that students can relate to followed by questions. Also included are the same scenarios without questions, so you can generate your OWN questions and activities for the scenarios! You can use the B&W Task Cards to print out on ANY color paper!


Task Card Variations Included:

☆ 68 RAINBOW Task Cards with Questions

☆ 68 RAINBOW Task Cards without Questions

☆ 68 B&W Task Cards with Questions

☆ 68 B&W Task Cards without Questions


You can use the Task Cards WITHOUT Questions to generate your OWN questions and activities for the scenarios! You may even use these scenarios for other purposes including engaging students in practicing effective communication, conflict resolution, effective decision-making, compromising, etc.


These Task Cards can be used as part of a larger lesson, in guided small groups, whole-class discussions, partner discussion before sharing out with the larger group or class, or even one-on-one with a teacher, guidance counselor, or parent/guardian! These Task Cards contain the same scenarios in the Scenario Worksheets.


You can print the Task Cards out on gloss paper or regular paper and laminate. You may also organize them in a binder ring.




How/When To Use the Scenario Task Cards


Role-Playing: The scenarios provide students with opportunities to discuss, understand, and role play the variety of effective ways they can respond to difficult situations and resolve moral and ethical dilemmas. You can also have each pair read their scenario and then role-play the scenario in front of the class, trying to find a positive resolution to the situation. Each pair also watches another pair’s role-play as commenters: they have the power to freeze the action of the role-play and make comments and suggestions to the role-players to guide them towards a positive resolution. You can use the Task Cards with no questions to generate your OWN questions and activities!


Icebreaker: This can be a great way to start a meeting, training session, or team-building activity. It’s also a great way to get students to get to know each other and how they would deal with certain situations. It may assist you in getting them to buy into the purpose of an upcoming activity or lesson.


Play Writing Exercise: Students can work in groups to create skits or scenes then perform the skits for the class.


Writing Response: Students can be given a scenario to read and then write their responses: Consider your options in this situation. What outcomes might each option lead to? What would you decide to do and why? Students can swap papers with a partner who then reads their responses and determines whether they agree/disagree with their responses/approaches to these real-life scenarios/situations.

Discussion: Students can discuss the Scenario Task Cards in groups or whole class.






This resource includes 68 Scenario Worksheets in 2 variations (with and without questions) totaling 136 Scenario Worksheets (PDF and GOOGLE SLIDES)

☆☆☆ Worksheets WITH Questions ☆☆☆

This resource also includes 68 Moral/Ethical Dilemma Scenario WORKSHEETS with lines and a question (or two), so students can write their responses. Students can answer the questions about the scenarios either on paper, or on Google Slides! These worksheets contain the same scenarios in the Task Cards.

☆☆☆ Worksheets WITHOUT Questions ☆☆☆

This resource also includes 68 Moral/Ethical Dilemma Scenario WORKSHEETS with lines and NO question, so students can write the question you assign them as well as their responses. There is space for you to generate your own question or prompt for students to answer. You may also generate and type in your OWN question in Google Slides before sharing the document or slides with students to answer. Students can answer the questions about the scenarios either on paper, or on Google Slides! These worksheets contain the same scenarios in the Task Cards.



▶️ List of Scenarios (Easy Access for Teachers – 6.5 pages)

Also included is a 6.5-page complete LIST OF SCENARIOS to allow easier access for teachers to read and select scenarios to work with. These are the same scenarios listed in the Task Cards and Worksheets.



***Lesson plans are not included. These scenario worksheets can be used in addition to your own lesson plans and in such a way that best meets the needs of your students.


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