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If you have a preschool or autism classroom and are celebrating Mother’s Day or Spring this May, this preschool learning bundle may have just what you need. The worksheets cover skills for early learners such as cutting, tracing, and matching in a fun theme around Spring, Mother’s Day, and animals and babies. The social story and mini book introduce preschoolers to what Mother’s Day is and why we celebrate it. The social narrative emphasizes saying thank you to people that help us and that even if we do not have a mother in the house, we can say thank you to the other people in our life that help us.

An easy craft activity of a DIY bookmark is included that can be colored and sent home as a Mother’s Day gift as well as a Mother’s Day card they can color and take home.

The adapted book or interactive book that is included, gives students the opportunity to work on regular plurals nouns while with a cute baby and mother animal theme. It also aligns to the ABLLS-R items J5 & J15.


✅ Social skills story

✅ 1-page mini coloring book to review social story

✅ 1-page Mother’s Day card students can make

✅ Bookmarks students can make to give as a gift

✅ Interactive Book “Help the Baby Animal”

✅ Worksheets Mother’s Day and baby/mother animal theme