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Planning your TNReady test prep lessons? This resource is perfect for reviewing Motion and Stability with your 5th Grade Science class! Try these cards on forces and interactions in a gallery walk, game of Scoot, or as a self-checking assignment with Google Classroom. This set of 20 task cards is modeled after item sampler and practice test questions. It is aligned with Tennessee state standard 5.PS2 Motion and Stability: Forces and Interactions.

The following TN Science standard objectives are addressed:

1) Test the effects of balanced and unbalanced forces on the speed and direction of motion of objects.

2) Make observations and measurements of an object’s motion to provide evidence that a pattern can be used to predict future motion.

3) Use evidence to support that the gravitational force exerted by Earth on objects is directed toward the Earth’s center.

4) Explain the cause and effect relationship of two factors (mass and distance) that affect gravity.

5) Explain how forces can create patterns within a system (moving in one direction, shifting back and forth, or moving in cycles), and describe conditions that affect how fast or slowly these patterns occur.

The PDF download includes the following, to allow for maximum flexibility:

1. ½ page task cards for printing

2. Full page answer sheets for printing

3. Full page answer key for printing

4. Link to Google Slides version of task cards, with drag and drop for answer selection

5. Link to self-checking Google Sheets pixel puzzle answer sheet

6. Link to Google Docs answer key showing completed pixel puzzle

These are my favorite ways to use these task cards with my students:

-Hang the task cards around the room with tape. Give each student an answer sheet and clipboard. Set a timer and allow students to read and record answers for each card gallery walk style. When students are finished, project the Google Slides version and pixel puzzle side-by-side. Review the cards, pulling popsicle sticks to allow students to share and explain their answer choice. Enter student answers to complete the pixel puzzle as a class!

-Using Google Classroom, assign each student their own copy of the Google Slides version and Google Sheets pixel puzzle. Allow students to work independently to complete the cards, entering their answers in the pixel puzzle as they work. Each student receives immediate feedback as they work!

These task cards are new for 2022, but my task cards for the previous TN Science standards have been used in over a thousand classrooms and received rave reviews!



 Stephanie J. says: “Did this for TCAP prep in a few ways- answered around the room in partners, “speed meeting” style, and as warm-ups. Worked great and cut down on my prep time. Thanks!”


 Lacy B. says: “These made my life so easy! Wonderful review!”


 Sharp S. says: “We’ve been using all of your task cards to review just a few questions each day for a “spiral review” of all our science concepts. This will make science TCAP review much easier since we’ve been able to review a little every day.”



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