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With this bundle of ten plot-based quizzes covering the entirety of Mrs. Dalloway by Virginia Woolf, high school English teachers will be able to evaluate general reading comprehension and promote homework accountability. Answer keys are provided, as well as a copy of the public domain novel, which is divided into ten parts. Materials are delivered in editable Word Document and printable PDF formats. A breakdown of each individual assessment follows.

Part 1 Quiz. Students will demonstrate knowledge of the following:

  • Clarissa’s plans
  • The setting
  • Peter Walsh
  • Clarissa’s reaction to Peter’s letters
  • Hugh Whitbread
  • An article of clothing on which Clarissa focuses
  • Clarissa’s self-image
  • Clarissa’s feelings toward Doris Kilman
  • Elizabeth’s relation to Clarissa
  • Mrs. Pym’s profession
  • An alarming sound

Part 2 Quiz. Students will demonstrate knowledge of the following:

  • Assumptions about the car that backfired
  • Another alarming noise
  • The effects of World War I on Septimus Warren Smith
  • Lucrezia Warren Smith’s work
  • Maisie Johnson’s native city
  • The reason Maisie approaches the Smiths
  • The effect of the abovementioned interaction on Maisie
  • Carrie Dempster’s judgment of Maisie
  • Carrie Dempster’s self-reflection
  • Carrie Dempster’s personal goals

Part 3 Quiz. Students will demonstrate knowledge of the following:

  • Lucy’s profession
  • A reason for Clarissa’s loneliness
  • The location where Clarissa often reads
  • The subject of a book Clarissa reads
  • The reason Clarissa sleeps alone
  • The reason Aunt Helen takes offense to Clarissa
  • The interaction between Sally and Joseph
  • The reason Clarissa declines Lucy’s offer of help
  • Peter’s peculiar tendency
  • Peter’s personal history, especially as it relates to Clarissa
  • Peter’s emotional reaction
  • Clarissa’s reminder

Part 4 Quiz. Students will demonstrate knowledge of the following:

  • What Peter’s thoughts reflect about his psychological state
  • A detail about Clarissa that Peter does not like
  • Peter’s observations
  • Peter’s actions at Trafalgar Square
  • Peter’s actions at Regent’s Park
  • Interactions between Peter and Sally
  • Clarissa’s hobby when she was younger
  • Peter’s initial assessment of the relationship between Clarissa and Richard
  • Peter’s assessment of Clarissa’s soul
  • The location of Peter’s meet-up with Clarissa

Part 5 Quiz. Students will demonstrate knowledge of the following:

  • Dr. Holmes’ evaluation of Septimus’ condition
  • Sir William Bradshaw
  • Lucrezia’s emotional state
  • Septimus’ feelings as they relate to his marriage
  • The role of Evans in Septimus’ life
  • Septimus’ delusions
  • Peter’s evidence in support of the claim that England has changed
  • Sylvia’s relation to Clarissa
  • The cause of Sylvia’s death
  • The identity of the person Peter blames for Sylvia’s death
  • An incident that shaped Peter’s opinion of Richard
  • The reason Peter is surprised by Sally

Part 6 Quiz. Students will demonstrate knowledge of the following:

  • Septimus’ personal interests
  • The location of Septimus and Lucrezia’s first meeting
  • The role of Mr. Brewer in Septimus’ life
  • Qualities of Lucrezia that agitate Septimus
  • Septimus’ perspective of the world
  • Dr. Holmes’ recommendations
  • Septimus’ delusions
  • The interaction between Septimus and Bradshaw
  • Bradshaw’s intentions
  • Lucrezia’s reaction to Bradshaw’s departure
  • Lady Bradshaw’s personal history

Part 7 Quiz. Students will demonstrate knowledge of the following:

  • Lady Bruton’s request of Hugh and Richard
  • Lady Bruton’s solution to the problems of the British Empire
  • Lady Bruton’s self-reflections
  • Richard’s assessment of Hugh
  • Observations that upset Richard
  • Richard’s gift for Clarissa
  • The reason Clarissa feels external pressure
  • The company Elizabeth keeps
  • Clarissa’s concerns about how she is perceived

Part 8 Quiz. Students will demonstrate knowledge of the following:

  • Doris Kilman’s general disposition
  • The reason Doris lost her job
  • Clarissa’s evaluation of Elizabeth and Doris’ friendship
  • Elizabeth and Doris’ shopping trip
  • Doris’ self-image
  • Doris’ judgment of Clarissa
  • Doris’ advice for Elizabeth
  • How Doris’s emotional state is calmed
  • Mr. Fletcher’s behavior
  • Elizabeth’s interests
  • Clarissa’s judgment of Elizabeth

Part 9 Quiz. Students will demonstrate knowledge of the following:

  • Lucrezia and Septimus’ personal history
  • How Septimus helps his wife
  • Septimus’ “visitor”
  • Why Lucrezia is happy
  • How Dr. Holmes is greeted by Lucrezia
  • The doctors’ advice for Septimus
  • The manner of Septimus’ death
  • Peter’s letter
  • Peter’s vision of his future
  • Peter’s dinner
  • A story in the newspaper
  • Peter’s feelings about Clarissa’s party

Part 10 Quiz. Students will demonstrate knowledge of the following:

  • The role of Mrs. Walker
  • Clarissa’s feelings about her own party
  • The reason Clarissa throws parties
  • The identity of Lady Rosseter
  • Ellie Henderson’s relation to Clarissa
  • Sally’s past interaction with Hugh Whitbread
  • Sally and Clarissa’s more recent personal history
  • Peter’s feelings about attending the party
  • Noteworthy guests
  • Jim Hutton’s general characterization
  • Lady Bruton’s evaluation of Richard’s marriage and its effect on Richard
  • The reason Clarissa gets upset at the Bradshaws
  • Clarissa’s feelings toward Septimus
  • Sally’s analysis of Clarissa’s feelings for Peter
  • Peter’s beliefs

Materials are available for teaching a variety of texts such as: