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Do you teach multiple levels of French? Are you the only French teacher in your building? We know what that is like. Our entire library of digital task cards from Boom Learning™ helps you conquer the demands: all levels of French, for all parts of the school year, for all learners, with a variety of engagement in each digital deck.

Applicable to in-class and virtual learning. These 71 decks can be used individually, in small groups or on an interactive whiteboard as a whole class.

This is a growing bundle: as new decks are added, you get them for FREE

This multi-level bundle of Boom™ cards helps you reach all students throughout the school year via reading, writing, listening, vocabulary and grammar practice. Instant feedback and self-pacing are appreciated by both teachers and students.

Save time and stress of thinking and creating new vocab and grammar activities. Just choose one of these decks from your library and add it to your lesson plans today!

Which kind of practice activities will students do?
–Throughout the decks, students will practice much variety via reading, writing and listening cards

–Students will be asked to (but not limited to):
categorize sentences
drag conjugations to subjects
place verbs appropriately in sentences
listen and choose an appropriate response
listen and decide which vocabulary word is spoken
write new vocab words/sentences
conjugate the given verb
identify parts of the sentence
categorize vocabulary
associate words with a topic
drag pictures to corresponding descriptions
distinguish between pictures/descriptions
evaluate comprehension questions based on reading passages
formulate responses based on cultural reading passages
decide if the description matches the given image, etc.

As one colleague stated,
“These boom cards were great! I love that there are so many different activities within the set – matching, listening, reading, questions etc. My students enjoy boom cards and these on the passé composé were great!” -Jessica

The digital decks include:

Vocab: professions, colors, color agreement, days, months, days & months combined, farm, breakfast & utensil, numbers 0-10, school supplies, clothes, morning routine & reflexives, colors listening & spelling, classroom objects, mots connecteurs

Grammar: prepositions (location), compare adjectives, conditional, si + imp + conditional, relative pronouns (qui que dont) & (ce qui ce que ce dont), definite articles, indefinite articles, partitive articles, partitive & indefinite, demonstrative adjectives, interrogative adjectives, subjunctive conjugation, forms of TOUT

First Weeks: tu ou vous, subject pronouns (Fr/Engl), subject pronouns immersion, greetings, greetings & introductions, cognates, class commands

Present Tense: regular ER, IR, RE verbs, dormir/partir/sortir, faire, prendre, pouvoir/devoir, savoir/connaître, reflexives

Past Tense: imparfait, PC & avoir, PC & être, PC & reflexives

Future: futur simple, futur proche

Pronouns: object pronouns (le la les lui leur), (me te nous vous), (le la les), (lui leur), adverbial pronoun Y, adverbial pronoun EN, Y & EN, object pronouns and past participle agreement

Reading comprehension: describe self, family, le Carnaval de Nice, poisson d’avril

Seasons, Holidays, Culture: fall, Thanksgiving, Winter, Christmas, poisson d’avril

Year One in Review

Card examples
You can interact with the first four cards: Check out the PREVIEW at the Boom Learning™ site (make sure to click on the full-size preview). Students are shown one question at a time and get instant feedback on each card.

**How do I add all the decks to my Boom library?
Please note that this is a digital product only. Make sure to click on the BONUS FILE after purchasing to add all decks to your library at the same time. There is no need to add each deck individually to your library. When new decks are added to this bundle in the future, they will automatically be added to your library since you have this bonus file bundle link.

How do Boom Cards™ work?
Boom Cards™ are digital and work on just about any device. You do not need to print anything out. They are self-checking and can be used individually, in groups or as a class on an interactive board. You can hide any cards you don’t want your students to practice. Students receive immediate feedback; you can track their progress if desired.

Note: tracking student progress requires a paid membership from Boom™. A free membership allows you to share links with students via the Fast Play option.

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