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Need a variety of 100 charts for your students to complete online? This
paperless, no prep, and easily differentiated activity is great for
distance learning or for simply saving on paper and ink if you’re in the
classroom! You’ll find plenty of 100 charts here to help your students
develop their sense of place value as they work on counting to 100. This
engaging Jamboard product includes 11 files each containing two or more incomplete 100
charts. One version of each chart has draggable numbers because some of
your students may find using the pen tool difficult, and another can
be completed using the pen, text, or “sticky note” tools. Choose
whichever you think will work best for your students. There is plenty of
opportunity for differentiation with some charts only having 10 numbers
missing, and some with 50 or more missing.

Please note: To use the Jamboard files, you will need a Google account
with access to Jamboard. Please check before buying that you have access
to Jamboard! Some school districts have not enabled it – you may need
to ask your IT department to switch it on.

The charts included are

• 6 charts with 10 numbers missing
• 4 charts with 20 numbers missing
• 4 charts with 25 numbers missing
• 2 charts with 30 numbers missing
• 2 charts with 40 numbers missing
• 2 charts with 50 numbers missing
• 1 chart with 60 numbers missing
• 1 chart with 70 numbers missing
• 1 chart with 80 numbers missing
• 1 chart with 90 numbers missing
• one blank chart with all 100 numbers on
sticky notes
• one blank with 25 numbers on sticky notes (that you can customize)
• one blank chart with no numbers provided
(students use the pen tool, text tool, or stickies to complete the

There are many ways to use the Jamboard files! You could use them on a
whiteboard in class to easily show students how to complete the paper
version (available in my store) or you could share a file with
students and have them complete the activity alone. They can each have
their own copy, or the activity can be collaborative if they are given
shared access to the file.