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Venn diagrams are useful across the curriculum and very versatile!This collection of templates is perfect for organizing compare and contrast essays, or summarizing similarities and differences between any two things. Yes, the digital Venn diagram is great for distance learning assignments, but even when you’re teaching in person there are advantages to using it. It’s much easier for students to edit & make changes to than a paper version, it saves paper, and ends up more
legible and looking more professional so kids are proud of their work. You can, of course, print the basic Slides templates if you would rather have students work on paper! Because they are editable files, you can add customized text before assigning or printing if you would like.

This product consists of a Google Jamboard file and a Google Slides file, both with 3 different colored Venn diagram templates for comparing 2 items.

There are many ways to use these files!
You could project the files, use them on an interactive whiteboard, or
you could share a file with students to use on a computer. They can each
have their own copy of either the Jamboard or the Slides file, or the
activity can be collaborative if they are given shared access to the
file. One version of the template has text the students will edit to
complete the diagram, another has editable text that the teacher will
set up and then the students will drag the text boxes to the correct
location. Depending on the topic, you and your students could use images
instead of text within the Venn diagrams.

For perfectionist students, the digital version can be much less frustrating than working on paper
as they can easily fix mistakes (putting an item in the wrong part of
the diagram or misjudging how much space they need for something) and
still end up with a beautiful final product with no evidence of erasing
or changes!

The files are shareable in all the usual ways
Google files can be shared with students for individual or collaborative
assignments. To use the Jamboard file, you will need a Google account
with access to Jamboard. Please check before buying that you have access to Jamboard! Some school districts have not enabled it – you may need to ask your IT department to switch it on.


Terms of use:

Purchasing this product grants permission for use by ONE teacher in his or her own
classroom. If you have colleagues who would like to use this file, please respect the time I have put into making this for you and direct
them to my store to buy their own copy! Thank you!