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Challenge your students in math workshop like never before! This is a unit plan designed to teach multiplication and division, and I guarantee that your planning will be made easier with the help of this resource! What’s more is that your students will have FUN while they learn!

This Unit Covers:

  • The multiplication strategies of equal groups, arrays, repeated addition, and skip counting using number lines.
  • Understanding the relationship between multiplication and division through fact families and inverse operations.
  • The division strategies of equal sharing and repeated subtraction.
  • What remainders are.
  • How to use inverse operations to solve problems with missing numbers in the equation.
  • Solving and creating multiplication and division word problems.
  • Finding patterns and completing input and output tables.

With This Unit You’ll Get:

  • Detailed and thorough lesson plans
  • Vocabulary cards that can be used for a word wall
  • Anchor charts
  • Detailed mini-lessons, along with the resources necessary to carry them out (games, worksheets, anchor charts, and other printables)
  • Activities for remediation and enrichment
  • Choices as to how you would like to implement the lessons
  • Three reviews (one for multiplication, one for division, one overall)
  • Answer keys
  • Independent time activities
  • Pre-tests and Post-Tests
  • Color and B/W Versions
  • Printable & Digital Versions