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Know Your Multiplication – Arrays is a set of task cards designed to provide students with opportunities to improve their conceptual understanding of multiplication.


Although these cards are commonly used as task cards, they can also be divided and used in math centers or rotations.


This resources contains:

  • A total of 25 cards (24 task cards and 1 title card)
  • Student recording sheet
  • Answer key
  • Complete PDF and individual PNG files of the cards also included


  • Print, laminate and cut the individual cards. (p. 2-8)
  • Print student sheet (p. 9) and provide each student with a worksheet. You may prefer to allow students to work in pairs
  • Distribute the cards around the room
  • Students may start at any number and work their way through in any order, but it is helpful to remind students to write the answer in the same numbered answer box i.e., if they are on card number 12, they should write their answer in answer box number 12
  • Check answers