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Want a fun integer FALL themed SELF-CHECKING activity for multiplying and dividing integers practice? Use this digital math escape activity where students solve problems to help the squirrel save its acorns from the raccoon! Students will immediately know if their answer is correct without waiting on you to check their answers. Decrease down-time! Simply share the Google Sheets™ digital activity for multiplying and dividing integers practice with your students and each one will have their own individual escape activity!! No prep! No planning!

Students have 12 problems for multiplying and dividing integers practice. When a correct answer is entered, the racoon to the right of the answer box will change to an acorn. The raccoon will not change if the answer is incorrect. After answering a row of 3 questions correctly, the next row of 3 questions will unlock and appear for students to solve. After all the 12 problems are correct, a challenge question related to integers will appear. Once students answer this challenge question correctly, they will have helped the squirrel save all of its acorns. What a fun and easy way to practice multiplying and dividing integers?!?!

Do you have students who need paper and pencil? Do you have students who will be absent from school for a while? QR Code self-checking task cards with the same 12 problems are also included. Each task card has a QR code that can be scanned with a camera app on a phone. Great for students who have forgotten their device, or the device is not charged!

Click this link to PREVIEW the digital escape activity.

Watch the digital escape activity by clicking this link:  Kids Learning Corner K8 YouTube Channel.

When is the best time to use this resource?

  • Immediately following initial lesson: When students answer incorrectly, they can try again. The goal is to have students think about their mistakes and correct them before asking for help. Students can keep working until they earn 100% or more.
  • Morning Work, Warm-Ups, or Bell Ringers: Quick & engaging activity to use as a warm-up.
  • Spiral Review: Use later in this unit or later in the year to review identifying integers.
  • Substitute: Quick and easy activity to leave for a substitute. Students can mark problems they struggle with on the student answer sheet.
  • Summer School: Engaging and no prep activity while teaching summer school!

Read Aloud Accommodations

No problem. Simply upload the student sheet with word problems to your learning management system. Students can use the text-to-speech accessibility feature on their device to listen to the word problems being read aloud.

Open the Preview to read more about this engaging activity.

Watch the Video Preview to see this resource in action.

What is included in this resource?

Upon purchasing this resource, you will download a zip file. Open the zip file and extract all the documents by dragging and dropping the files into your personal file. In the zip file you will find…

  • Links and Info: Includes Google Sheets™ link (You will be asked to make a copy of each activity.)
  • QR Code Task Cards
  • Answer Key
  • Student Answer sheet
  • Info & tips for using resource

PLEASE NOTE: Game has been created in and is for use with Google Sheets™.

State Standards:

Common Core:

7.NS.A.1 – add and subtract rational numbers

7.NS.A.1.D – apply properties of operations as strategies to add and subtract rational numbers

VA SOL: 6.6a – add and subtract integers

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