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Help your students excel at decoding multisyllabic words with this fun and engaging set of multisyllabic word games. This multisyllabic words intervention bundle will help students read word lists, develop fluency and gain multisyllabic vocabulary skills! This 5-part multisyllabic or multisyllable words intervention unit provides you with an engaging way to increase students’ ability to read multisyllabic word lists through a variety of activities such as: decoding, fluency, word work and vocabulary — all while playing multisyllabic word games. They won’t even know they’re learning!

This multisyllabic words lists resource features vocabulary intervention activities, two multisyllabic words fluency intervention games, a quarterly formative assessment to help you track your students’ growth. There are also 4 types of engaging multisyllabic word work activities that actually feel like multisyllabic word games.

All 140 pages of the no-prep printables are organized by the number of syllables so it’s easy for you to differentiate. The 23 multisyllabic word work activities focus on building word analysis skills with prefixes and suffixes. Engage your students with the fun of multisyllabic word games and watch their learning soar! These multisyllabic words lists activities provide you with measurement, decoding, fluency, and vocabulary activities your students need to read any multisyllabic passage. The Multisyllabic Vocabulary Worksheets draw on many of the same words in the Fluency Mats and Fluency Sentences, providing the repetition students need to strengthen their accuracy, fluency, and reading comprehension.

All 78 Bonus Pages (Word fluency and Sentence fluence Roll & Read games emphasizing prefixes and suffixes for learners who are still building their reading foundation) are differentiated by syllable so it’s easy for you to differentiate.

The games and activities in this bundle will last you the entire school year! Check out the Preview file for a detailed look at the amazing multisyllabic words activities in this bundle.

Decoding Multisyllabic Words Fluency & Vocabulary Bundle includes:

  1. 39 Word Fluency Mats* (Roll & Read Game)
  2. 39 Sentence Fluency Mats* (Roll & Read Game)
  3. 39 Vocabulary Worksheets
  4. 23 Multisyllabic “Word Work” activities*
  5. 4 Formative Assessments (Quarterly)
  6. Bonus 1: 39 Prefix/Suffix Roll & Read WORD Fluency Mats filled, each filled with 42 multisyllabic words
  7. Bonus 2: 39 Prefix/Suffix Roll & Read SENTENCE Fluency Mats filled, each  with about 14+ multisyllabic words

Multisyllabic Word Lists Quarterly (Formative) Assessment

  • 4 different 70-word formative assessments organized by number of syllables
  • teacher recording sheet
  • a student reading sheet
  • organized so you can use it as progress monitoring

Multisyllabic Word Fluency Mats

  • 39 mats
  • 1,404 Multisyllabic Words total
  • 4 sheets of Compound words
  • 4 sheets of 2-syllable words
  • 5 Sheets of 3-syllable words
  • 4 Sheets of 4-syllable words
  • 4 Sheets of 5-syllable words
  • 18 Sheets of mixed syllable words
  • 5 of the 39 sheets focus exclusively on prefixes and suffixes.

Multisyllabic Words Fluency Sentences

  • 39 Sheets with 7 sentences each
  • 273 Sentences
  • 546 Multisyllabic words
  • 4 sheets of Compound Words
  • 5 sheets of 2-syllable Words
  • 7 Sheets of 3-syllable Words
  • 9 Sheets of 4-syllable Words
  • 7 Sheets of 5-syllable Words
  • 4 Sheets of 6-syllable words
  • 3 Sheets of 7-syllable words

Multisyllabic Words Vocabulary Worksheets

  • 39 Worksheets
  • 39 Answer Keys
  • 14 multisyllabic words on each worksheet
  • 546 multisyllabic word total
  • 6 sheets of Compound words
  • 4 sheets of 2-syllable words
  • 10 Sheets of 3-syllable words
  • 9 Sheets of 4-syllable words
  • 6 Sheets of 5-syllable words
  • 1 Sheet of 6-syllable words
  • 1 Sheet of 7-syllabic words
  • 2 Sheets of Review Words
  • Use as independent, early finisher work, or partner work.

“WORD WORK” for Multisyllable Words Includes:

2 Match It Worksheets

  • Students match prefix and suffix definitions with their meaning

7 Sort It Worksheets

  • Students sort multisyllabic words based on whether or not they have a prefix, a suffix, both, or neither

7 Define It Worksheets

  • Students match words that have a prefix or a suffix to their meaning (based on the definition of the prefix/suffix)

7 Build It Worksheets

  • Students identify the prefix, base word, and suffix of multisyllabic words

Answer Keys for Everything

Use these multisyllabic word worksheets to teach students how to read words with multiple syllables. This multiysllabic word list emphasizes transferability of reading new multisyllable words because it has a strong emphasis on prefixes and suffixes. Most mulitysllabic words have a prefix or suffix so teaching students the most common prefixes and suffixes will strengthen their ability to read any multisyllabic words.

The prefixes and suffixes included in this product are: Re, Un, Mis, Dis, -ed, -er. There are challenging words such as: Unavailable, Misconducted, Unacceptable, Misadjusted, Designer, Refreshed.

Note: The Match It game is designed as an independent review activity for students. The definition for each prefix and suffix is given on a set of study cards, and then students are challenged to match these prefixes and suffixes on 2 worksheets. Teachers should check students’ work on the two Match It games before allowing them to move on to the other worksheets.

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⭐ This activity directly aligns with one of my students’ IEP goals.  So happy to find an activity that is engaging and easy to measure goals with.

⭐ This is great, I’ve been looking for something just like this and here it was!  Such a great resource for me to teach and reinforce this skill.

⭐ This was a great resource for teaching a 5th grader who has been missing some foundational decoding and phonetic skills; it adjusted easily to distance learning and is a resource I will use with other students in the coming years.

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