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1) Multisyllabic Word Lists Baseline Assessment

  • 220 words organized by number of syllables;
  • a teacher recording sheet
  • a student reading sheet

2) Multisyllabic Words – Fluency Mats

  • 39 Multisyllabic Fluency Mats
  • 1,404 Multisyllabic Words Total

3) Multisyllabic Words – Fluency Sentences

  • 39 Sheets with 7 sentences
  • 273 Sentences
  • 546 Multisyllabic words

4) Multisyllabic Words – Vocabulary Worksheets

  • 39 worksheets
  • 14 multisyllabic words per worksheet
  • 546 multisyllabic words total



This product contains 39 Different Fluency Mats. Each mat has 6 columns with 6 words in each column, for a total of 36 multisyllabic words on each mat. Students roll a die and read the column that corresponds to the number on the die.

For an extra challenge, give students a hand-held timer to see if they can beat their own best time. This multisyllabic word game can be used in small groups, partners, or independent work.


This product makes differentiating easy for teachers. Fluency Game Mats are organized by: compound, 2-, 3-, 4-, 5-, 6-, and 7- syllable words.

sheets of Compound words

sheets of 2-syllable words

Sheets of 3-syllable words

Sheets of 4-syllable words

Sheets of 5-syllable words

18 Sheets of mixed syllable words

39 Different Sheets = Use for Morning Work ALL YEAR LONG.

5 of the 39 sheets focus exclusively on prefixes and suffixes. This will help all learners, especially your ESL students.


These Directions are Included inside the Multisyllabic Fluency Mat (Roll & Read) Product

1. Group students by their ability to read words with a various number of syllables.

2. One student rolls a die and reads the column of words that matches the number on the die.

3. Pass the die to the next student.

4. Repeat above steps for a certain amount of time, or until all students have read all columns.

Optional Challenge: Give students a hand-held timer and encourage them to beat their own time when they read the same column a second time.

Remember: Students can also play this game independently as long as they have been exposed to the words and are able to independently use a decoding strategy.



The product contains 39 Different Fluency Sheets. Each sheet has 7 sentences. Students roll a dice and read the sentence that corresponds to that number. For an extra challenge, students can write their time in the Green Timing Circle and practice again to see if they can beat their own best time.


Research shows that even though students are able to read a multisyllabic word in isolation, they frequently “freeze up” when reading the word within a sentence. That’s why I use fluency sentences in my classroom on a regular basis.

This product makes differentiating easy . . . just print out a different sheet that corresponds to the reading level i.e., the number of multisyllabic words each child can read.

There are

sheets of Compound Words

sheets of 2-syllable Words

Sheets of 3-syllable Words

Sheets of 4-syllable Words

Sheets of 5-syllable Words

Sheets of 6-syllable words

Sheets of 7-syllable words

39 Different Sheets = Use for Morning Work ALL YEAR LONG.



If you’ve recently started distance, remote, or e-learning and want your children or students to maintain their vocabulary and reading level, this product works for both classroom and home instruction.

If your students are learning to read multisyllabic words, these multisyllabic word worksheets are just what they need!

This multisyllabic vocabulary worksheets contain 39 Different Multisyllabic Word Worksheets and 39 Answer Keys

Each multisyllabic vocabulary worksheet has 14 multisyllabic words for a total of 546 words. Students write the multisyllabic word next to the definition.

These multisyllabic vocabulary worksheets can be used in small groups, with partners, or as independent work.

These multisyllabic word vocabulary worksheets make differentiating easy. These Multisyllabic Word VWorksheets are organized by: compound, 2-, 3-, 4-, 5-, 6-, 7- syllable and review words.

sheets of Compound words

sheets of 2-syllable words

10 Sheets of 3-syllable words

Sheets of 4-syllable words

Sheets of 5-syllable words

Sheet of 6-syllable words

Sheet of 7-syllabic words

Sheets of Review Words

39 Different Multisyllabic Word Worksheets and 546 Words = Use for Morning Work ALL YEAR LONG.


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I truly hope this resource helps brings joy and peace to your classroom!!

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