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This unit of work encourages students to appreciate the links
between music and Geography, why it is popular, the many genres it entails and
how it is used around the world.

Traditions from Brazil, China, England, India, and Russia are
investigated for their similarities in instruments, dances, and festivals.
Music as an economic activity is explored, in addition to festivals in the
United Kingdom and why they may be located where they are. Local venues to the
students, both indoors and outdoors, are investigated for their sustainability
for hosting a music festival.

The unit concludes with the students designing a brand and
logo for a sustainable music festival at their school. The final designs are
then peer assessed.

A range of individual and group activities are incorporated
within this booklet, including, gathering research from print, annotating maps,
students own thoughts and ideas, calling on their local knowledge and
effectively assessing other work.

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