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Musical Note Cards Activities

A handy set of pictures of musical notes on flashcards. so are perfect for reinforcing children’s knowledge of note names and values. The pictures are large and clear for showing to a group or class or for classroom decoration or Or it can be used as a back-to-school activity.

The set includes pictures of the musical notes and rests that children need to learn at primary school – as well as the bass and treble and Alto clefs.

Using these pictures of musical notes to teach

You can use these flashcards to test children by holding up a picture of a musical note or rest and asking them to write the name or the value on individual whiteboards – or to shout it out togetherAlternatively you can project them onto the interactive whiteboard and point at each note. This way you save on printing!

They’re great as part of a music display too, or you could use them a bit differently as part of a composition activity.

Using this display-sized staffarrange the pictures of musical notes for your class and ask them to clap the rhythms. This is a good way to show children how the different notes are used to make rhythm. Treat the banner as one bar of music or draw your own bar lines on.

  • Size: 8,5 x11in