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My Homeschool Journal 2020-2021 | EDITABLE | PRINTABLE

This beautiful homeschool journal was created in an effort to preserve the wonderful memories we create in our home together as a unit. This journal has a hint of a schedule, the creativeness of a scrapbook, and the feel of a keepsake.

You will get to:

  • have personal detail of yourself and children in your class
  • keep your personal log in information
  • keep your kiddos log in information in extravagant detail
  • be able to see the whole monthly calendar with major holidays
  • have journal boxes in which you will give your own flare by adding graphics or simply placing in things accomplished, assignments done, trips taken, and even lunch meetings
  • have a monthly spotlight in which you place pictures of the month
  • keep important notes
  • maintain useful links
  • preserve memories
  • present your journal in slideshow form

This product is meant to be used with PowerPoint it contain the 2020-2021 school year calendar. I also have included a PDF version for those who may want to print and bind it. Since it is to be used in PowerPoint, you will have the ability at the end of the school year to present your kiddos with a slideshow and show the marvelous things they have done throughout the school year.

When you look back at this in a future point in time you will be grateful of your logs and pictures and see how much you have lived a full life and most of all be grateful. Give this gift to yourself and your family. I know I can’t wait to complete mine full of amazing adventures for this school year.

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