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This workbook contains various activities designed to explore an individual’s self compassion and self-esteem. These worksheets and activities can be used as a foundation for discussion and reflection.

Self Compassion is about accepting yourself no matter what happens. For example, even if I am feeling insecure, I completely accept myself as who I am. Self Compassion means being understanding and gentle with ourselves when we struggle, fail, suffer or even feel inadequate instead of criticising yourself.


Self Compassion means taking a balanced approach to any negative feelings or experiences that we encounter. Instead of becoming overwhelmed, exaggerate or even suppress our emotions and experiences, self compassion means accepting ourselves – even the parts that are vulnerable and imperfect.

Just remember…self esteem is not about learning to love everything about ourselves…it’s about loving ourselves even though there are things that we do not like. If we see self esteem as a destination of perfect self acceptance it will always seem too far away.