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Creative Intervention to support anxious children to let go of their worries with the help of their worry tree.

This project is a creative way for children to identify and acknowledge their anxieties. Sometimes we all carry around worries. They might be about school, home, friendships or even changes in our life. This activity encourages children to think about their worries and put them on their own worry tree. They can write down all of their worries and put them on the tree so that they don’t need to carry these worries around with them anymore. When the worries have been placed on the tree, it opens up discussion around strategies and ways that they can cope with that worry.

This resource includes:

– What is a Worry Tree

– My Worries (What do I want to talk about) worksheet

– When I feel Worried Brainstorm

– Coping Skills Poster

– Rainbow Breathing

– Breathing & Concentration Exercise

– Mindful Senses

– Create your own Worry Tree Template (tree, leaves, butterflies, birds)

– Extra Notes Page


If you have a worry all you have to do is to write your worry on a leaf. Use some glue and glue your worry on the tree. Your tree will keep it safe until you have explored your worry with someone and thought of some coping strategies. As time goes by, you can use the butterflies and birds to take the worries away!