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In this CSI-type lab investigation for middle school students, students will identify unknown substances to solve a “crime.” Unlike other forensics activities, this lab will not give your students nightmares!

This activity is perfect for traditional classrooms, enrichment programs/camps, homeschool co-ops, and homeschool students. This is a great alternative to graphic or scary CSI activities. This lab is easy to set up with common materials you can easily find at your local grocery store. Tested and approved by my students – this is a FUN activity that your students will love!

Here is the scenario:

Someone has broken into the Sugar Shack Bakery and stolen the secret ingredient in the Death by Chocolate Cake recipe! Using samples from the bakery and evidence found in the suspect’s car, you will help solve the crime.

In this investigation, students will observe and test five known substances to determine if a new substance is made. Then, they will use this information to determine the identity of the evidence that was found in the suspect’s car.

Through this investigation, students will identify materials based on their properties, determine if new substances are made, and therefore determine if a chemical reaction has occurred.

This product includes the following:

  • Teacher instructions with and without photos
  • Student instructions with and without photos
  • Data table
  • Comprehension/Analysis questions

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