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National Parks Alphabet Cards in the dyslexia font are perfect to display in an elementary classroom. These would look beautiful for a camping them, rustic theme, or National Parks decor. The cards use an open dyslexic font that is shown to help students who have characteristics of dyslexia be able to better differentiate the letters. Each Alphabet poster includes a photograph and label of a US National park. The background is rustic white wood that would coordinate with most any decor. Displaying these alphabet posters will help your students use the letter cards as a reference while teaching with Historic places by giving them a visual reference of the US National Parks.

{Note: To fit each letter on the ABC cards, some fonts needed to be resized, therefore, all letters are not uniformly sized. For example: the letter Ww takes up more space than the letter Aa, so the wider letters needed to be written in a smaller font.}

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