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This beautiful Kids’ Nature Journal is a NO PREP extension to outdoor education and guided nature exploration! Designed to encourage critical and higher-order thinking, as well as analytic and observation skills, it is perfect for special education and regular classrooms for use during field trips, outdoor excursions, nature walks, seasonal explorations, and more!


Easy to differentiate for students of all ages and abilities. Students can draw, write, or doodle in the creative spaces to suit their own abilities. Print the entire journal, your favourite pages, or multiple copies!


Both full-colour and black-and-white versions are included.


Pages include:

Cover Page

Guided Exploration

Observe – document what you observe

Discover – find a hidden treasure

Explore – make a map

Treasure – collect some treasures

Remember – recall your memories

Wonder – ask questions about nature

Preserve – document the nature around you

Breathe – use your senses

Roam – scavenger hunt

Embrace – make a rubbing

Log Pages

Examine – Track your bug sightings

Glimpse – Log the animals you spot

Soar – Record the birds you spy

Journal Pages

– daily logs to document daily activities, observations, weather, etc.