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(This is a selection of GOOGLE FORMS, so please make sure you are able to utilize Google Forms before you purchase them.)

Never worry about sub plans for MS-PS1/Atoms/Matter curriculum again! This collection of over a dozen Google Forms features:

  • Videos, WebQuests and Internet Activities
  • ALL of them are self-grading
  • Built in links to the video files and other resources
  • Yes, the questions are all in order
  • Ready to go at a moments notice
  • Fool-proof. These are SUPER EASY to use, even for the less-than-terrific sub.

Resource List:

  • Atomic Structure Interactive Questions
  • Atoms, Molecules and Compounds WebQuest
  • Bill Nye – Atoms and Molecules
  • Bill Nye – Chemical Reactions
  • Bill Nye – Phases of Matter
  • Chemical Reactions WebQuest
  • Conduction, Convection and Radiation WebQuest
  • Describing and Classifying Matter WebQuest
  • Measuring Matter/Metric System WebQuest
  • PHET States of Matter Internet Activity
  • Physical and Chemical Changes in Matter WebQuest
  • Properties of Matter WebQuest
  • State/Phase Change WebQuest
  • The Mystery of Matter Part I: Out of Thin Air
  • The Mystery of Matter Part II: Unruly Elements
  • The Mystery of Matter Part III: Into the Atom

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