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New Year 2022 is around the corner! Are you looking for a fun and interactive End of year Reflection as well as a New Year Goal Setting Activity? This activity is perfect for reflection and sharing new year resolutions as well as allowing students to express themselves freely and connect to each other’s experiences.


What is included?

✦A zip file including:

1. Notes and TOU

2. PowerPoint Game

✦This game is interactive and is to be played as a whole class activity.

✦ It can be played either in classroom by displaying on a screen or virtually through sharing the screen with students.

✦ The teacher displays the main slide which includes 35 number icons corresponding to 35 different questions.

✦ Each student chooses a random number and a question would reveal.

✦ The student needs to answer the question with the whole class.

✦ Each question can be chosen once. The number disappears after being selected.

➣➣➣ The questions are EDITABLE. You may edit or replace any question to meet your goals.