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Item description

This digital escape room will help your students strengthen their decoding words skills by focusing on prefix & suffix recognition. This fun new years 360° escape room will have your students fully engaged in reviewing important prefixes & suffixes while also developing a growth mindset and teamwork skills.

Perfect decoding words activities for reviewing prefixes & suffixes skills such as prefix/suffix meanings, word building and prefix and suffix recognition.

What do I get?

✅ A link to the prefix & suffix 360° digital escape room game

✅ Easy-to-use instructions on how to assign the game

✅ A student show your work sheet

✅ A self-validated Google Forms answer sheet

✅ A teacher answer key

✅ 2 BONUS completion activities – your students will always remember what they learned!

Reflection sheet — to show their teamwork and problem-solving skills

Certificate — to congratulate them for applying their prefixes & suffixes skills

✅ 62 academic questions!

Who is it for?

✅ Teachers who need novel decoding words activities

✅ Teachers who need an easy sub-plan, a perfect activity for the day before the holiday, or a backup plan for when students are tired but still need to learn!

✅ Teachers who love giving their students the best!

✅ Teachers whose classroom devices can access Google Apps from links outside the school district

What problems will this product help solve?

Overcome student boredom — engage your students with fun and interactive puzzle activities

Save time — we’ve done all the prep for you! Easy-to-use directions and answer key

Add variety — the novelty and excitement of techy games, minus all the prep!

How will this help me?

✨ Be prepared for an exciting prefixes & suffixes lesson at any time!

✨ Deliver the best lesson of the year!

✨ Strengthen your students’ teamwork skills

✨ Teach your students how to overcome challenges

✨ A tool for students to effortlessly practice their word building and multisyllabic words comprehension skills

How is this escape room different?

Are you tired of plain old Google Forms escape rooms that are really just multiple choice activities on the computer?

This escape room is nothing like that! Your students will step into a world of possibilities, interact with a 360° image and choose which puzzle to start with.

Each interactive clue will ignite their prefixes & suffixes skills, with friendly characters to welcome them into the new year!

Who is this escape room NOT for?

❌ Students who haven’t been introduced to prefixes and suffixes and have a weak grasp of prefix and suffix meanings

❌ Schools that block Google Apps (Google Slides and Forms) when accessed from outside the school network

How do I use this?

Confirm with your IT person that student devices can access these two websites:

– Google Apps (Google Slides and Google Forms)

– ThingLink.com (this is where the escape rooms are hosted)

Print out the student “show your work” and reflection sheets

Share the link with your students

Feel proud and watch your students have fun!

This NO PREP reading escape room is easy to use in the classroom or during asynchronous learning. Simply share the link with the students and let them go!

It’s the perfect digital activity to build students’ decoding words skills. Your students will be asking for more!

Don’t let the fun fool you! This escape room is filled with rigorous, skills-based word building and prefix and suffix recognition questions.

When can I use this?

  • When students are tired but still need to learn
  • Fun Friday
  • The day before a holiday break
  • As a team building activity
  • Supplemental decoding words activity
  • End-of-Unit performance assessment

What are some of the questions in this game?

This game has a total of 62 prefixes & suffixes academic questions, with varying difficulty. Here are some examples:

  • The word recommit means to? (A: Commit again)
  • What words have a prefix but no suffix?
  • Choose a prefix, a base word, and a suffix from the table above to make a word that means [meaning of a multisyllabic word.]
  • Which word means the same as the highlighted words?
  • Choose the phrase that means the same as [word with prefix and/or suffix.]

PLEASE NOTE: We highly recommend that you clear the computer’s cache after each group so that the answers are erased from the computer. This is because the computer will remember answers until you clear the cache. This means that if students from different classes use the same computers, the answers that the 1st class put in will be visible to the 2nd class.

❤️ Grab it now, and see how much your students will love it!

What do other teachers think?

✅ “My students love the escape room activities – and it also provides good practice in reading and applying morphological skills. I highly recommend!”

✅ “This is a very engaging activity for students and is good to use for reinforcement.”

✅ “I teach a multi-grades so this was great for students of different abilities.”

Thank you, and enjoy! ❤️

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