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Goal setting and new year’s resolutions are hot topics for developing a growth mindset and resiliency. Bring in the New Year with this NO PREP resource that goes beyond discussing what it is and focuses on taking big goals and dreams and strategically planning them out so that your children will be filled with excitement.

This planner consists of a step-by-step guide, which includes a 5 step process with reflection sheets, a yearly updated calendar so that you can keep track of your progress and make changes accordingly to maximize your chances of success. This journal also consists of a checklist as an accountability guide.

This easy to use 5 steps resource includes:

– What’s Your Big Idea?

– Set It To Achieve It

– Monthly Momentum

– Week At A Glance

– Theme It

The accountability portion is called, Act On It.

This resource is in both, colour and black and white to provide you with a printing and teaching option.

We’ll start by looking at the previous year, before moving on to coming up with and fine tuning your goals.

This guide is in both, colour and black and white.

This can be used at home, for your professional development or with your teenage children in class.

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