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Newton’s 3 Laws of Motion Physics Bundle is terrific group of lessons to strengthen & build your students physics knowledge & skills. SAVE $ WITH THIS BUNDLE! Students will learn about Newton’s 1st law inertia, 2nd law acceleration and 3rd law action-reaction. Includes lessons, activities, & several labs to teach students about physics with great hands-on engagement! Newton’s Laws of Motion are a cornerstone of physics, be sure you round out your units with this bundle!

  • Newton’s 1st Law – Inertia – Lesson peaks student curiosity into Newton’s Laws with inquiry activities and discussions. Presentation covers the 3 types of inertia – inertia of rest, motion and direction, followed by forces that act on motion and lab instructions. Students will then apply their new knowledge in a CER lab to determine how inertia is related to mass.
  • Newton’s 2nd Law – Acceleration – Students enjoy hands-on experiments to “Test Newton” for themselves and gain understanding. Lesson covers the relationship between force, mass and acceleration with instructions for two labs. Students then apply formula knowledge (Force = mass x acceleration) to analyze impact of mass variations.
  • Newton’s 3rd Law – Action/Reaction – Students will dive into the 3rd law with great examples, force diagrams and videos covering everything from rockets to amusement parks. Students then get to chose between two hands-on lab activities to explore action-reaction.

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