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Students exhibit higher level thinking as they evaluate and classify these photo task cards (digital distance learning or printable) to determine which of NEWTON’S THREE LAWS OF MOTION are being depicted. Students provide an explanation of change by examining the forces exerted on objects and understanding that motion is a sum of those forces. It is important that they relate these laws to observed phenomena in every day life and that is why I have included clear, color photographs for them to analyze.

This resource can be used for multiple grade levels with varying amounts of depth. For lower grades, the 16 task cards can be organized by the three laws with a discussion on how several of the images actually demonstrate multiple laws. The older students can get much more in depth by researching and citing supporting evidence for their decisions. You may also want to discuss the additional forces of friction and air resistance.

I have included teacher notes for each of the slides for your reference or to distribute to the students.

The structure of the photo cards includes a photo on the top half of a 8 1/2×11 inch format with the bottom half being left open for a text box. This is uploaded in a PowerPoint format so that you can either print the slides or send them digitally to the students’ devices via Google slides.

I send these to my students’ digital interactive notebooks and I print them out and laminate them for a gallery walk or bulletin board.