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‘NG’ and “NK’ Glued Sounds Reading Flashcards


These ‘NG’ and ‘NK’ glued (or welded) sound flashcards are great for reading practice after the sounds have been introduced. They can also be used to build confidence in sound recognition as well as part of a reading intervention strategy. 


This pack is suitable for students in Kindergarten, First Grade or Second Grade. It contains basic words, so it does not contain words with digraphs or blends. 


The pack includes: 

  • Activity Instructions – How to Use the Flashcards

  • ‘ANG’, ‘ING’, ‘ONG’ ‘UNG’, ‘ANK’ ‘INK’, ‘ONK’ and ‘UNK’ flashcards. Each flashcard has the sound, keyword picture, three words, a phrase and a sentence. These can be printed and used as ‘take home’ flashcards. 

  • Each flashcard is enlarged to a full page size for use with a group or class of students.



The flashcards need preparation involving printing (and laminating if needed) as well as cutting out.