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No-Prep ELA Spring Worksheets is a collection of 35 pages of fun and engaging primary level resources that is focused on activities relating to Spring Season. These activities are great exercises and practice for honing learners’ English language skills particularly vocabulary, writing, reading, speaking and listening.

Activities included:

1. 2 Spring Colors By Number

2. 3 spring Coloring Activities

3. Spring Weather Activities

4. 2 Spring Word Sets

5. 2 Spring Words Crossword Puzzles

6. Spring Activities

7. Spring Word Search

8. 2 Spring Reading Texts (1 fiction and 1 non-fiction)

9. Spring Reading Comprehension Activities (for each set)

10. Spring Poem Decoding Activities

11. Spring Poem Writing

12. Spring Poem Reading

13. Spring Poem Comprehension Exercises

14. Spring Break Bucket List Writing Exercise

15. Spring Break Reading List Writing Exercise

16. Spring Reading Weekly Journal Writing Practice

17. Spring Daily Journal Writing Practice

18. Spring Break Playlist

19. 3 Sets of Theme Writing Pages


1. Worksheets for lessons relating to topics and themes of spring.

2. Additional activity for early finishers.

3. Morning work ELA activities.

4. Extra work to pass the time productively.

5. Homework.

6. Teacher-friendly resources for emergency activities!