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This NO PREP resource, with ANSWER KEYS, contains FOUR activities aimed at VOCABULARY TRAINING on the topic WEIHNACHTEN.

The following activities are included:

– 1 crosswords

– 1 word search tasks

– 1 vocab matching tasks

– 1 vocab list

Answer Keys are included for each activity (TOTAL 9 Pages).

There are THREE documents in a ZIP FILE:

– The Tasks

– The Answers

– The ToU – Please make sure that you read this!

Depending on their level, some tasks may require students to use their GERMAN/ENGLISH or ENGLISH/GERMAN dictionaries.

Viel Spaß!

Mr S

I have read through the resources many times, but if you see or come across any mistakes, please let me know so that I can fix it. I would love feedback on these resources, please – THANKS IN ADVANCE.

TERMS OF USE: Please note that only the purchaser is permitted to make reproductions of these pages for the use in his/her classroom. Other types of reproductions are prohibited.

Pictures are from:

www.unsplash.com (permission obtained)