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Research and Discover ITALY!

This 23 PAGE, NO PREP, PRINT-AND-GO Country Study / Project on ITALY is packed with interesting questions that will send your students on a journey discovering, researching, and exploring life in Italy. The following aspects of Italian life is covered: 

  • Italy – Quick Facts
  • Where in the world is Italy?
  • The Italian Government
  • The Eternal City
  • Italian Tourist Attractions
  • Italian Food
  • Italian Culture and Traditions
  • Famous Italians and Italian Brands
  • Italian Geography

An ANSWER KEY with suggested answers is inlcuded.

How to use:

  • Independent Research Project / Webquest
  • Students could complete the task independently and submit as part of a research project with the essay.
  • Extra Credit
  • Homework
  • Set the task as part of normal homework on the topic.
  • Subplan
  • Use the resource as a subplan.

Good to know:

  •  Students will need access to the internet.
  • No specific websites / sources are inlcuded. Students have to find their own. They should also indicate their sources. WIKIPEDIA is not a source 🙂
  • 23 pages (activities and tasks and cover) plus 6 pages (suggested answers).
  • Take a loot at the PREVIEW to get an idea of what you are buying.
  • ZIP File with THREE files: the research project, the suggested answers, and the ToU.

Have fun!

Mr S

I have read through the resources many times, but if you see or come across any mistakes, please let me know so that I can fix it. I would love feedback on these resources, please – THANKS IN ADVANCE.

TERMS OF USE: Please note that only the purchaser is permitted to make reproductions of these pages for the use in his/her classroom. Other types of reproductions are prohibited.

Pictures used are from:

  • www.unsplashed.com and permission for use was obtained,
  • www.pixabay.com. and
  • www.commons.wikimedia.org – no copyright restrictions / public domain in USA / public domain. If you come across anything which you think could be some sort violation, please inform me so that I can also have another look. Please read the CREDIT page at the end of the MEMO for details – THANKS 🙂