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Pre-Kinder Writing and Pencil Control Practice is a collection of pencil-control, tracing and writing activities that young students and beginners can do and practice with. The activities are intended to help improve the students’ English language skills, especially writing. This is also a great activity for kids at home to pass the time productively. This also comes with a workbook cover page for options of compiling it as a book, as well as a completion certificate page to acknowledge the children/students’ efforts.

Activities included in this set are:

1. 20 pages of line tracing

2. 11 pages of shape tracing

3. 1-20 pages of number tracing, writing and coloring (1-20, words and numeric)

4. Alphabet tracing, writing and coloring

5. Days of the week tracing, writing and coloring

6. Months of the year tracing, writing and coloring