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Are you looking for non-prep reading comprehension activities? This ten-page reading passage resource is perfect for engaging students in bite-sized worksheets while strengthening their fluency, reading comprehension, and identifying text evidence. Students who need to practice reading comprehension skills will get loads of practice finding text evidence to answer comprehension questions – all while learning new and interesting fun facts, stories, and legends about winter!

NOTEPlease see the product image for the table of contents of all the included topics.

This resource includes:

   ✏ 10 pages of non-fiction reading passages with comprehension questions

   ✏ !0 answer key cards for easy reference

   ✏ Non-fiction topics about winter that all kids will love!

   ✏ No prep! Simply print and distribute.

❤️ Please review all the previews and product images to view a sample of the included pages. 

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