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With ELA standards putting a heavy emphasis on non-fiction, being able to use text features is essential to reading success.

This is a set of 14 posters plus two corresponding activities to help students identify, understand, and use text features. Each poster measures 8×10 and includes an illustrated example and definition. I created these as a visual support for my class. They hang in my room all year where students refer to them often.


  • Reading Response Worksheet Gives students practice identifying and using text features found in a book
  • Cut-and-Glue Worksheet Requires students to glue the correct definition next to the corresponding text feature
  • Student Reference Sheet Quick, one-page guide that explains what each text feature is; also doubles as an answer key for the cut-and-glue worksheet

Text features included in this set:

  • diagram
  • table of contents
  • heading
  • boldface type (also provided as “Bold Print”)
  • map
  • timeline
  • glossary
  • index
  • caption
  • graph
  • bullet points
  • sidebar
  • illustration/photo
  • italics