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My Nonfiction Text Structure Daily Passages are perfect for anyone looking for:


  • Daily, quick practice of an essential reading skill.
  • Short mini-passages that won’t overwhelm students.
  • Graphic organizers with each passage.
  • Interesting nonfiction reads.
  • An answer key for quick checking.
  • digital version for any continued distance learning needs.


Topics include:

  • Week One- Animals
  • Week Two- Deserts
  • Week Three- Food
  • Week Four- Sports
  • Week Five- Technology
  • Week Six- Presidents
  • Week Seven- Volcanoes
  • Week Eight- The Human Body
  • Week Nine- Nature/Weather


This product includes NINE weeks of nonfiction text structure practice! Each day of the week, students will complete a reading of a short passage and a graphic organizer.

Teachers can easily print all nine weeks at once for each student, including a cover page! Each week can also be printed on its own. Whatever you prefer!