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Would you like to have a collection of reading activities novel study for any novel? Is one of your goals to improve the reading skills of your students with novel studies activities? Would you be interested in exploring new and exciting perspectives of the novels while offering the flexibility of a novel study choice board?


If you found something that gave you all these benefits, would you want to get started with it right away?


Think about what a difference it will make when you start using this engaging novel studies choice board with novel reading tasks in your class! They include:


  • Instructions for using the novel study choice boards for middle school
  • Black and white novel study choice board with 50 tasks
  • Rainbow novel study choice board – 10 color strips with 5 activities each
  • Thematic coloring novel study choice board – 6 novel studies themes:
  1. all about the novel activities
  2. character activities
  3. speaking and listening activities
  4. vocabulary activities
  5. artistic activities
  6. extensions
  • Choice Board rubric and assessment – with 4 levels of mastery and Teacher’s comments


Sample Assignments:

  • speaking activities like: oral report, dramatization
  • vocabulary and riddles
  • diaries and chronologies
  • main character related activities


Because the novel study tasks come with clear instructions, you can encourage independent work in class which means that your students will be more confident in analyzing novels.


The three version of the novel study choice board are excellent for focusing on a variety of novel studies activities and approaches while you get to save a lot of time during preparation and class work.


The novel study activities are varied and thorough, so you can assign them as a great final project for any novel which means your students will be able to select what will go in their solid portfolio at the end of each novel.


Just imagine how you will feel when you start to get the benefits and results from this resource right in your class!


Are you afraid that this novel study choice board for middle school will not match the needs of your students? I understand exactly what you feel. Don’t worry! Just try it and if you find this resource not suitable for your class, just email me at [email protected] and I’ll get you a full refund.


⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Suzanne F. has tried the novel study activities in her class and said, “Thank you! I needed new ideas, I have had these kiddos for 2 years. This was just what I needed to give them something a little different from my menu.”


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