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November is when we start to prepare for winter. There have been even more changes outdoors and we will study those changes. By the end of the lesson we will prepare for Thanksgiving.

☀ NOVEMBER CURRICULUM OFFERS THE FOLLOWING LEARNING AREAS: Circle Time Intro to Pre-K Story Time Arts & Crafts Math & Science Music & Movement and Cooking

 WEEK 1- TERRIFIC TURKEYS Day 1: Talk About Turkeys Day 2: Letter G Day Day 3: For Turkey Time Day Day 4: Number 5 Day Day 5: More Turkey Fun Day
This week we will learn all about turkeys, since turkey is a traditional Thanksgiving food. We will play many turkey games and work on several turkey craft activities.
 WEEK 2 – PREPARING FOR WINTER Day 1: The Great Outdoors Day 2: Letter H Day Day 3: Animals Prepare for Winter Day 4: Square Day Day 5: Hibernation Day
As stated before, November is a month where we prepare for winter. In this week, we will study the changes in weather and the changes outside. We will also study how animals hibernate and prepare for winter.
 WEEK 3 -PILGRIMS AND NATIVE AMERICANS Day 1: Native American Day Day 2: Letter I Day Day 3: A-maize-ing Corn Day Day 4: Brown Day Day 5: Pilgrims
This week we will learn about Native Americans and how they lived and survived long ago. We will also learn about corn and how the Indians used it. We will also discuss the Pilgrims and how they came to America.
 WEEK 4 – WE GATHER TOGETHER Day 1: Sailing to America Day Day 2: Letter G H I & #5 Review Day 3: The First Thanksgiving Day 4: Helping Hands Day Day 5: Thankful Hearts Day
Students will explore sailing and how the Pilgrims sailed to America. We will also learn what the Pilgrims and Indians did on the First Thanksgiving. We will also share how we can help others and how we should be thankful for the blessings in our lives.
NOVEMBER CONCEPTS TAUGHT: Letters G, H, I. Number 5. Shape: Square. Color: Brown. Community Helper: The Volunteer. Fire Drill is scheduled for week one. Emergency drill is scheduled for week four.

☀ RFTS CURRICULUM PROGRAM OFFERS: 4-Weekly Themed Lesson Manual, Weekly Supply lists, Art or Craft Activities/Projects/Patterns, Color, Number, Letter & Shape Recognition, Community Helper Suggestions, Sign Language Cards, Math or Science Activities/Projects/Patterns, Music or Movement Activities, Literature Activities, Recipes for Art/Craft Projects, Recipes for Cooking with the Children, Book Suggestions Relating to Each Theme, Word Lists, Color Enrichments/Cards/Posters, Number Enrichments/Cards/Posters, Letter Enrichments/Cards/Posters, Shape Enrichments/Cards/Posters, Field Trip Suggestions, Partnership with Home Suggestions, Pattern Sheets, and Planned Fire/Tornado Drills.

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