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I hope that the number activities in this pack will be of great use to you as you begin to introduce your students to the numbers zero through twenty!

This pack is designed to introduce one number at a time and includes eleven activities per number, focusing on number recognition, number formation, and counting to 20. For your convenience, you will find these activities grouped by number and also grouped by skill in the zip folder.

The activities included for each number are ten no prep, ready to use printables, and a low prep number flap booklet. The number booklet is designed so that one number at a time can be added as you introduce each number. The entire number booklet is also included as one file in case you would like to assemble it all at once. Detailed assembly instructions for the booklet are included.

A bonus 24 page review packet is also included.

Be sure to select “fit” when printing so that the borders on the page do not get cut off.