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Number Line Task Card Activities is packed with 6 different task card sets.

The variety in activities will allow you to have differentiated learning, group work, and/or one-on-one sessions with students.

There is a big and long number line you can print and assemble for you to use for display. There is also 4 medium sized number lines in one page that you can print and give to students individually to use for the task cards. It is recommended to laminate the number lines and task cards for easier storage and durability for future use. Add a fun twist by providing dry erase markers that students will love to use to solve each set.

All number lines are from 0 to 30.


Included task card sets:

  • Before and after a number
  • Addition within 30
  • Subtraction within 30
  • Skip Counting by 2
  • Addition Sentences within 30
  • Subtraction Sentences within 30


By having a visual students will be able to better recognize what they are doing when they skip count, build number sentences, and so on. All 6 sets have their own independent recording sheet that matches and makes it easier for students to record their answers.

You can store these sets in bins or ziploc bags for future use.

Please view the thumbnails to see what this resource will look like.



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