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Number Words Worksheet (one-ten): This packet (numbers 1-10) is designed to help Kindergarten students to practice and learn number in words in a different ways like tracing, coloring, counting, missing numbers activity, matching the same and cut & paste activity and more.

Total 38 worksheets are included.

• 10 worksheets—–for trace, write and color numbers 1-10.

• 2 worksheets—— for trace and write numbers 1-10.

• 2 worksheets——-for count and match.

• 2 worksheets——-for count and circle.

• 2 worksheets——-for color, trace and draw objects according to the given number.

• 2 worksheets——-for color the stars according to the given number.

• 1 worksheet——–read and color the same number(matching numerals)..

• 2 worksheets—— write in numbers on cupcake.

• 2 worksheets—— write in words on cupcake.

• 2 worksheets—— match the same numbers with words on cupcake.

• 2 worksheets—— count and write in words.

• 2 worksheets—— count the butterflies and write in words.

• 1 worksheet——–write the missing number in words.

• 5 worksheets—— for cut and paste to match with the numbers and words.

• 2 Blank worksheets——for trace and write in words.

• 2 pages for number words in the box for the cut and paste.