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Your students will love this science Christmas activity! They will make a Christmas ornament using science. This EASY Christmas STEAM activity uses only the ingredients: milk, vinegar, and food coloring!

This is a faith-based lesson but it can be used in a secular environment also! Simply skip over the introduction. There is plenty of supplemental information about milk plastic and the process of milk curdling in the “Make Connections” section.

This Christmas object lesson connects the Genesis account of sin entering the world through the fall, with God’s plan of redemption… Jesus. Jesus was sent to earth on Christmas Day to redeem creation. When sin entered the world, creation was “spoiled.” These milk plastic ornaments are created by curdling the milk, which can also happen when milk is spoiled.

These milk-plastic Christmas ornaments are easy to make! Students will end up with a really great-looking ornament. Students can make different colors of milk plastic to create patterns and decorate their ornaments, or they can each make one color and swap colors with a friend. Using cookie cutters to form the shape, each student will end up with a terrific-looking finished product (check out the thumbnail photos!) that they will cherish for years to come! The ornaments also make lovely gifts ♥️ Even the students that are challenged with creativity will have a fabulous-looking end product – this is a fool-proof STEAM project!

Special needs and sensory seekers will love this experiment, too! The milk curds have a unique texture. This is a great way to exercise those fine motor skills without too much frustration.

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Included in the Product:

🎄Faith-based lesson on the reason for Christmas
🎄Hands-on experiment creating milk (casein) plastic ornaments
🎄Background information on why milk curdles and casein plastic
🎄Extension activities

This lab is perfect for:

🎄Enrichment/gifted learning
🎄Science club
🎄Fun at home

Versions Included:

🎄Printer-friendly Black and White without photos

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