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The Ocean Biome Animal Adaptations Interactive Digital Notebook is designed to support the Next Generation Standards for learning about adaptations in third grade (LS3.A, LS3.B, LS4.C). This Google Slides digital resource with 17 slides provides practice for students to research animal adaptations in the ocean.


  • Each student is assigned the Ocean Biome Animals Adaptations for Google Slides Project.
  • Each slide has a specific task involved.
  • Students collect data from images and a video or website link on the slide.
  • Students take notes that are then used to complete the slide. 
  • Instructions for the students are contained in the Speaker Notes section. 
  • Students should also utilize print resources you provide or find them independently.
  • The Read Me file for the teacher includes the task involved on each slide.
  • Students can work individually, in pairs, or small groups.
  • Once students complete a slide or the entire project, evaluate their learning with the included scoring guide and answer key

The Interactive Digital Notebook includes researching structural and a few behavioral adaptations of ocean animals.


  • A Read Me File with Teacher Instructions for downloading the Google Slides File
  • 17 Slide Google Slides on Ocean Biome Animals Adaptation
  • Instructions for assigning the Google Slides File to students
  • Suggestions for how to use a Digital Interactive Notebook with students
  • NEWLY ADDED Parent Guide to Getting Started with Google Slides!
  • Answer Key
  • Printable Note Taking Sheet for students
  • Instructions on how to use the Google Slides file on other platforms such as OneDrive or SeeSaw and more
  • Scoring Guides (printable and PDF fillable forms)
  • A list of Common Core State Standards for English Language Arts (3rd grade) (integrated into the project and supported NGSS standards.


  • SLIDE 1: Terms of Use
  • SLIDE 2: Cover Page
  • SLIDE 3: Table of Contents
  • SLIDE 4: Researching and Citing Evidence
  • SLIDE 5: Instructions for Students
  • SLIDE 6: What is adaptation?
  • SLIDE 7: Exploring the Ocean Biome
  • SLIDE 8: Adapting to an Ocean Biome
  • SLIDE 9: Body Structures in an Ocean Biome: sea turtle
  • SLIDE 10: Body Structures in an Ocean Biome: humpback whale
  • SLIDE 11: Body Structures in an Ocean Biome: angler fish
  • SLIDE 12: Body Structures in an Ocean Biome: tubeworms
  • SLIDE 13: Ocean Biome Prey/Predator Adaptations
  • SLIDE 14: Ocean Biome Adaptations for Defense
  • SLIDE 15: Adapting the Zones of the Ocean Biome
  • SLIDE 16: Ocean Biome Camouflage
  • SLIDE 17: Which animal is better adapted?
  • SLIDE 18: Research and Expository Essay Writing

The student directions for each slide are included in the Speaker Notes at the bottom of each slide (similar to PowerPoint Presenter Notes).


  • This project will save the teacher valuable time! All the images, video links, and website links have been screened and gathered all in one place to make it easy to start teaching with the NGSS. 
  • Answer key and scoring guides also save teachers time and preparation. 
  • The project is paperless, so no endless color copying! Also, there’s no having to spend hours finding the resources (images, videos, websites) that are kid-friendly while having accurate information. 
  • Just add your print resources from your existing science curriculum or teacher-created resources.
  • The project is self-paced and open-ended.
  • Easy to integrate with your existing science curriculum.
  • Technology integration is used to think critically, communicate, collaborate, and create the Four Cs of 21st Century Learning.
  • This project is well-suited and adaptable for distance learning.


  • The Read Me file is a PDF document. Make sure you can open it.
  • The Read Me file will have the link to the Google Slides file. You should have a Google Account. If not, create one ahead of time (it’s free!)
  • Links to the videos are YouTube videos. Make sure your district/school/classroom is not blocked from YouTube.
  • Also included is an alternate version using video.link (formerly safeyoutube.net) for stripping out YouTube comments, related videos, etc.

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All rights reserved by the author.

Permission to copy for single classroom use only.

Permission to use on secure digital learning management system platforms (such as Google Classroom, Teams, Canva, etc.)